Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Liquid Nitrogen ice cream or "Nice Cream" as we call it, is one of our favorite variations of molecular gastronomy (the merging of scientific tools and the culinary arts). Using liquid nitrogen to prepare ice cream results in a lighter, creamier dessert than you have ever tried! Plus, watching the preparation is a unique spectacle to behold!

Our mad scientists at Yelibelly Chocolates can bump up the excitement of dessert at your event with our liquid nitrogen display.

Choose From:

Classic Bar: Two flavors of ice cream, variety of toppings and 2-2 1/2 hours of service. Flavors can include chilly favorites like mint or even boozy options like espresso-infused rum and amaretto.     Starting at $7/person

Dragon's Breath Bar: Basic Bar, plus! Watch our creamy ice cream be prepared, then top it off with chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and more. Take a bite of the frozen Dragon Puffs to bring a real chill to your dessert experience   Starting at $8/person

Fro-zone Bar: Time to play with our food! All of our frozen treats, minus the ice cream. Our staff freeze dragon's breath, flavored popcorn, marshmallows and more for a unique and interactive dessert bar.  Starting at $7/person


Let's get chilly!

CONTACT US at or give us a call 817-789-5563 to discuss the details of your event. Quotes for our liquid nitrogen display are based on the number of people at your event, along with the date and time we are serving. There are generally minimums for all liquid nitrogen parties, and weekend dates will generally start at $500.

Want more Liquid Nitrogen?

Check out a recent video of our liquid nitrogen ice cream in action from ZuluWhiskey Productions